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The Origin of IronWoodStone

The name IronWoodStone pays homage to our roots in Ironwood, Michigan as well the materials we use in our work.  Our current work rests on over twenty years of landscaping experience and can be found in Ann Arbor, Saline, South Lyon, Northville, and surrounding communities.


The Importance of Our Customer

We work to establish a long-term relationship with our customers. It is not unusual for us to work with a client to add onto their design in multiple phases.  A customer’s goals, tastes and personalities are vital to the design process.

It all began, or course, with many tours of the house, and people in awe of your artistry.  I have gotten quite adept at describing you wielding your Kubota as if you were in a barcalounger with dual joysticks calmly mastering some new video game (Lawn Sculptor III?). We and EVERYONE who sees your creation just loves your artistry!


You also left us with an enduring saying. “Cheer up buckaroo.  Everything’s going to be just fine.”

…and, in the end, it always is.

– Ed P.